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InnovationB.E.E. Technology – Ours Alone

No other company in the world has been able to duplicate the results that Hamida Pharma has achieved with our patented Bio-Enhanced Extraction Process called B.E.E.® Technology. Twelve years of extensive research and development went into developing B.E.E. before our first products were manufactured in 1999. B.E.E. is a three-step process of isolation/purification, extraction and bio-enhancement using only those active compounds of plants that have been determined to be the most beneficial.

How B.E.E.® Works

Our proprietary Bio-Enhanced Extraction Process utilizes a patented method to preferentially extract the unique molecular profile from the various plants and herbs used in the manufacture of our products. B.E.E. preserves the active ingredients in the herbs through our proprietary process, while most traditional methods expose the herbs to high temperatures and pressures, which can destroy or severely damage the active ingredients. The B.E.E. process does not expose the raw materials to high pressures or temperatures, and alcohol is never used during the entire process.

Remarkable, Proven Results

Our revolutionary process of extraction and enhancement using the active molecular elements and certain volatile oils from plants now allows us to provide dosage potency beyond previous conception, which results in a product that in most cases has an immediate effect on the body after taking the very first dose! Our products ensure fast-targeted action with proven effectiveness because of the proprietary methods employed during the B.E.E. process.

Clinically Tested

As a research-based company, we conduct extensive clinical trials on our products at well-known clinical trial sites. These trials are conducted throughout the world, which allows us to obtain a wide cross-section of individuals. From Northern Africa to the Netherlands, our in-depth assessments assure the efficacy of our products before they hit the market. Click here to see the results of our clinical trials.

Efficacy Without Harmful Side Effects


"Hamida Pharma has helped us a great deal with their extensive experience in international transactions on all our documentation, export certificates and products COA."

Amkey, Inc

And because our products are plant-based and all-natural, our customers don’t need to worry about drug reactions, harmful side effects, or wait months to build up results. Our products work in days, and sometimes, within hours. This is due to our proprietary B.E.E. process, which can only be found at Hamida Pharma.

Quality And Potency

Based on GMP standards for safety, efficacy and purity, Hamida Pharma also removes harmful plant toxins and heavy metals during the B.E.E. process, which are often found in raw herbs used in the manufacture of other finished products. Our remarkable Bio-Enhanced Extraction process allows us to accomplish what was once impossible: extract only the beneficial, and leave the bad behind. As always, we ensure our supplements for complete potency and absolute freshness.