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About Us

Company Overview

Hamida Pharma, Inc., located in Lake Forest, California, is a rapidly-expanding, research-based company that manufactures innovative, condition-specific phytomedicines (plant-based medicines). A U.S. GMP certified manufacturer, we began operations in 1999 and are recognized as a world leader in scientific herbal extraction technologies. Currently, we manufacture over sixty highly effective, fast-acting natural products. Our team of staff scientists integrates cutting edge technology with traditional botanical therapeutics to provide the healthcare market with products that stand apart from the competition. Our brands include the Rapid Cell Infusion and Botanical Wisdom product lines.

We are committed to improving healthcare and healthy living through the science of herbal and plant-based medicines.

Since its inception, Hamida Pharma, Inc. established itself as a true global company, having entered into key partnerships with several international companies. As a result, our formulations are now marketed in nearly forty countries. Hamida’s partners include pharmaceutical companies, nutritional supplement manufacturers, multi-level marketing companies, direct mail/mail order companies and distributors, wholesalers or importers of health-related products.

Strict manufacturing procedures have been implemented at every step of the production process in order to monitor and verify quality.

Download our Processed Food Registration (PDF)